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OUR SOLUTIONS ON Danvast Career Search (DCS):

1. Recruitment Agencies Services

All of this begins with hiring the appropriate candidates for the appropriate positions, and that's where we come in. selecting and hiring candidates with backgrounds ranging from blue collar to executive level. You will receive a selection of potential prospects from our talent pool of highly qualified people very quickly from our committed staff of specialist experts. The recruitment services available both for domestic and international.


  • Connect with candidates in our database and through our network;
  • Post job openings on our internal job board, external job boards, and social media networks;
  • Conduct custom assessments of behavioral, skill, and competency-based interviews;
  • Identify the best candidate(s) through thorough assessment procedures as we provide you with a tailored- made solution (s).

2. Outsourcing

There is a new generation of Outsourcing, and DCS is setting the standard. We provide thorough Outsourcing services, and the success of these services is based on our extensive understanding of the businesses and industries of our clients. Together, we work with customers to create a wider range of performance goals, such as quantifiable business results like higher sales, higher customer happiness, higher market share, higher levels of staff engagement and productivity, higher shareholder value, and more.

We are able to deliver consistently high levels of performance at the scale you require because to DCS's industrialized delivery capabilities, which are supported by our experience across a variety of industries. As a custodian of the Outsourcing sector, DCS contributes significantly to the daily operations of its clients.

3. Payroll Management Services

For an organization, effective payroll administration services have a huge double advantage. When payroll processing is outsourced to a reputable business, it not only enables an organization to concentrate on its main business operations but also makes it easier to guarantee employee satisfaction through accurate and timely payroll processing. Therefore, based just on these two advantages, any business, no matter how large or little, should think about outsourcing payroll processing services to specialized service providers.

With the use of technology, you can:

  • Achieve Significant Cost Reductions
  • Ensure Accuracy and Timely Delivery
  • Access Skilled Resources
  • Use Flexible, Customized Timesheet Processing for Payroll Calculations
  • Ensure secure services available 24/7
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of pertinent laws

4. e-HRM Systems

The HR services can finally be integrated into your organization's strategic initiatives by automating regular processes. e-HRM provides flawless information-supported management of all of your HR procedures without any additional costs.

5. HR Legal Compliance /Advice

Compliance with employment legislation presents a complex combination of problems for firms. DCS offers direction and legal services to guarantee that your company complies fully with all applicable labor and employment laws and regulations.

6. Workshops/ Training

Business clients of DCS Training Services receive customized training. We will create a training program specifically for your staff in order to meet their developmental needs.

7. Career Coaching/ Counselling

DCS offers job transition services, including private telephone and in-person career counseling and coaching to help you with any potential professional issues. Your demands can be met by our career counseling and coaching services. You will receive individualized guidance as you develop a career plan that, if followed, will ease your transfer to a new position or career.


It is more affordable to outsource your non-core business requirements than to manage them in-house. By doing so, you and your company will be protected from the hazards involved.

This enables you to:

  • Get the most out of your employees;
  • Reduce your exposure to the risks of legal fines or labor cases;
  • Concentrate on running your business while we take care of your

Depending on your business model, we can provide our outsourced HR services on a need-basis or on a service contract. Every one of our outsourced solutions is customized for your company because every industry has particular needs and challenges.


You have access to our skills and knowledge through our Ad-Hoc Services category as needed. We are available to you at any time under this category of services.


The retained services from DCS give you a flexible approach to get access to expert guidance and knowledge to help your business achieve its objectives.



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